“To develop the leading Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Hospital in the MENA Region adopting the highest patient care and recuperation standards”

Key Objectives

  • Develop a world-class regional healthcare Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center providing advanced PM&R services focused on clinical care excellence in a safe patient centered environment.
  • Upgrade the level of rehabilitation service offering in the entire region.
  • Provide personalized medical care in a seven star facility.
  • Provide high quality rehabilitation into PM&R services to both Private and Government hospitals, as well as to any other healthcare related centers.
  • Collaborate with the Ministry of Health, the Insurance Companies and the Physician community in establishing awareness and advancing PM&R quality care.
  • Achieve both domestic and international accreditation – CBAHI, CARF and JCI.
  • Develop a “Smart Health Tower” powered by a single IT Platform with advanced technologies and services all centered around patient care, rehabilitation and wellbeing.
  • Advance clinical research and further education in the field of PM&R.

Strategic Location

Jeddah Park is a unique urban lifestyle development that extends over 550,000 sqm of built area, virtually in the heart of the city of Jeddah, offering an oasis of lifestyle products and services for all ages.

Perhaps the largest mixed-use urban lifestyle development in KSA destined to put Jeddah on the map for both the diversity and quality of services.

Official Name: Jeddah
Country: Saudi Arabia
Official Language: Arabic
Population 5 million
Makkah: 58 km
Madinah: 380km
Kaia: 12 km
Waterfront: 9 km
Kfgh: 6 km
Kamc: 19 km
Kaah: 13 km

Jeddah Park

Jeddah Park is destined to revolutionize the local economic fabric through a nucleus of advanced services and products

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